Who is mister Nalich?

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Peter Nalitch was born in Moscow, in a Russian family in 1981. His grandfather Zahid Nalić was a Bosnian opera singer from Tuzla, hence the Balkanic surname. Peter graduated from the Moscow University of Architecture (MARHI) and studied music at Orfei Studio directed by Irina Mukhina. He has worked for two years as an architect. He is divorced.


Peter Nalitch has become famous thanks to "Gitar" and its broken English style In 2007, Peter had already about 40 songs written down, all available on his website for free. Fans archived them and you can still find them on the web. It is with these songs that Peter gave his first concert, on November 9th 2007, in the club "Apshu" in Moscow.

After the success of this first concert (a lot of people had been unable to enter the first crowded venue), articles were written on blogs and in the newspapers. Peter then gathered a band of musicians, with whom he gave two more concerts during the winter of 2008 in the club "IKRA", in Moscow. Tickets had been sold out several months before the event.

The band took the name Peter Nalitch's musical collective - "Muzykalny kollektiv Petra Nalitcha" or more simply "MKPN".

Success During the following two years, in addition to the Muscovite venues, MKPN went on a tour, performing in Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod and in other big Russian cities.

The band released his first album in 2008 - "Radost Prostykh Melody" ("The Joy of Simple Melodies" on their website). They also released a DVD with the footage of a concert in Moscow – "MKPN v B1 Maximum" ("МКПН в Б1 Maximum" – "MKPN at the B1 Maximum") and an EP, "More" ("The Sea"). In 2009, the band was one of the headliners at the "Sfinks" festival of Antwerp (Belgium).

Nalitch is self-produced.

Eurovision 2010

Peter Nalitch and Friends has been chosen to represent Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010, in Oslo, with the song "Lost and Forgotten". Making it to the final on May 29.

Peter Nalitch sings in Russian, in English (with a Russian accent, because he refuses to pretend to speak proper English and to hide his accent), but also in Italian ("Santa Lucia")[7], in French ("Il pleut toujours", on the EP "More") and in Babursi, an invented language.

The lyrics of his songs are often humorous and can sometimes be compared to child songs (is a song about a lonely yeti). MKPN also did covers of Russian romances and Cossack songs.

All their albums and songs are available for free on the official website of the band, with the mention "Pay what you will", even though the album and the EP have been released. Peter Nalitch had declared in an interview that they weren't really making money from album sales, only from the concerts given in Russia.

In the wake of this idea of self-promotion on the web, the band has given, on September 17th 2009, an acoustic concert from their own flat, broadcasted live on RuTube (local videohosting and live broadcasting site).[8] On October 30th 2009, they broadcasted another show live on RuTube, this time a real concert in Moscow. [9]

Band Members

*Peter Nalitch — voice, piano, accordion

* Yura Kostenko — saxophone, flute

* Sergei Sokolov — domra, voice

* Kostia Shvetsov — guitar

* Dima Simonov — bass

* Denis Marinkin — drums


* 2007 — Single of summer 2008 (with the magazine "Afisha" ("Афиша"))

* 2008 — "Radost prostykh melody" ("Радость простых мелодий" - "The Joy of Simple Melodies")[10]

* 2009 — "Kontsert MKPN v B1 Maximum" ("Концерт МКПН в Б1 Maximum" - Concert of MKPN at the B1 Maximum")[11]

* 2009 — EP "More" ("Море" - "The Sea")[12]

Петр Налич (Россия): Lost and forgotten.Руководитель музыкального коллектива признался, что мечтает о мировом господстве